Contemplation of the dark night of soul reminds us that all life is extremely fragile.
All suffering requires us to turn and face it directly so that a conversation can begin. Our task is not to wage war on an opponent, but to begin the process of learning from a mercurial mentor. The courageous step is to build our powers of contemplation, or the long and careful observation of our experience. Contemplation, concentration, discernment, mindfulness, and focus are our most trusted guides inside a dark night.
Of course, suffering is a phenomenon we all wish to avoid. The reality of life is that it is not always avoidable. All human life across the vast expanses of time and place have experienced suffering in varying degrees. To turn away from it is to lose our humanity.
In a dark night of the soul, contemplation creates a space for working with our fears. Sometimes that which has the power to destroy is precisely the thing that has the most to offer us. Our own unique suffering in the midst of the dark night of the soul is our most trusted adviser.
We have anesthetized ourselves to spirituality. The parroting of beliefs has become commonplace. Religion has become more of a question mark, perhaps even more of a roadblock, than a sanctuary for the contemplation of authentic belief. Merely adopting a particular set of beliefs that have been defined by other people, whether they are religious or spiritual in origin, will not prevent a dark night of the soul from visiting.
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