A dark night of the soul is one of the most significant experiences we can have in life.

A dark night literally destroys what we had become, and demands we discover what to become in the midst of abandonment, loneliness and deep despair. Lying deep within the essence of the dark night is creativity, a creativity that originates in the carnal and primal rhythms of life.

A dark night embraces the essence of art, artistry, and creativity – and therefore absolute destruction. In this realm, we learn that suffering and learning are inexorably interconnected. The coldness of externally created knowledge is of no assistance to us here in this world; we are left to create our thoughts, beliefs, and faith in ourselves.

In the midst of a dark night, each day becomes an improvisation on the theme survival.

We are perfectly healthy, yet find that each breath we take feels ponderous and heavy. We may be completely financially independent, perhaps even wealthy, but have absolutely no clue as to what we should do with our lives. We suffer from a deep longing for an experience we cannot grasp or define.

The daily routines of waking, working, relaxing, and resting fail to resolve our angst, and in a curious way exacerbate a desire we cannot understand. Everything we once thought of as providing stability in life has fallen into ruin and decay.

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