What if you woke up tomorrow morning to find everything that defined who you think you are – was gone! Would “you” still be there to experience that?

Of course you would. And if that happened, you would have a choice ; to try and put together another story about who you think you are… or, to realize you are not the story. The story has vanished, but you are still here. So, who are you?

Those who are unaware of the spiritual aspects of the journey must resort to other means of coping with a Dark Night of the Soul.

When faced with the loss of some part of who they think they are – perhaps a divorce, job loss. or losing a home – the first line of defense is to replace what was lost; a new spouse, new job, new home, etc. If that cannot be done, attempts to control the inevitable painful feelings with prescriptions or counseling are common.

If you are on a spiritual journey, using metaphysics or whatever path you have chosen to discover the true nature of reality, eventually you may encounter the Dark Night of the Soul; that moment when you don’t yet know who you are, but you do know what you are not.

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