Last night we had about 20 people joining the meeting space on the internet and we all got excited about Vianna’s classes in Dubai, February next year. I invited Maya, the host for Dubai classes, and Akemi, the Japanese translator.

Here’s the recording from the webinar:

This helped those Japanese students to get answers to their questions about Dubai classes and to feel “real” about coming to Dubai to take the courses. I think many of my friends who are offering services/products for individuals can benefit from webinar format.

There are 6 things that I love about webinar:

1. Webinar extends your reach

People can join your webinar from anywhere in the world. When I do a webinar, people are joining from many different countries. I teach my seminars in many different countries and I always wanted to connect with people before traveling to the country, to connect with people there and for them to see me talking and get familiar with me. Webinar is virtually the only way for me to do that at this point.

2. Effective in delivering information

In webinar, you show up in front of a camera and it makes people feel that you are talking to them face-to-face. They can’t talk back to you as like with skype, but they can send questions via chat screen, so that you can answer their questions real-time. It seems that is enough for them to feel “live” and it helps you to build trust. You can also use PowerPoint slides, videos, pictures during the webinar, to deliver content-rich information.

3. Motivates people to take the next step

In webinar, you will inevitably carry out your passion and energy to your audience, and they can sense that it’s real. This will motivate people to take it seriously and to take action after the webinar. It is far more effective way for people to resonate with you than website, blogs, or e-mails.

4. Saves time

You can do webinar in your office or in your house, therefore there’s no travel time required. Participants can also join from their office or from home and saves time on their end as well. Plus, you can deliver valuable information and your passion in short amount of time, saves lots of time than to do a seminar in person.
Organizing a webinar is also very simple and easy, you just need to set the time&date and send the web address to participants so that they can connect with the webinar space from anywhere they have internet connection, either via PC, iPad, or iPhone/Android.
FYI – I use a webinar system called “Zoom”(

5. Very low cost

In comparison to in-person seminar, webinar does not cost much because you don’t need to have a venue to do this. The cost of using a webinar system is around US$30/month or 25EUR/month, not a lot of cost compared to in-person seminar.
If you are interested, join one of my webinars and experience it as a participant first. You will see how it can help your business grow with less time and money.