On the night of November 14, 70 people were healed during a virtual healing webinar. Participants from Japan and overseas logged on and joined from their homes.  As I facilitated the session, we took the opportunity to enjoy the most out of the super moon that appeared that night. Their faces were lit with happiness and before my eyes, some of them literally cried for joy. They felt with certainty that their dreams were going to come true and their worries and concerns would melt away.  Together, we welcomed a feeling of ‘oneness’. What a fulfilling moment it was for all of us!

So, what did we do during the webinar? First, we held a group healing session. We used this time to visualize sending our love to a group of 500+ people who had requested healing. We sent healing energy to lands that were hit by natural disaster, and to nations that were going through challenges in their societies. Secondly, we healed ourselves by visualizing and sending love to one another; washing away all the negative thoughts and emotions from our spirits, minds, and bodies.

Next, we meditated. I guided our group through an exercise to help them visualize connecting with the earth, the moon, and the universe. We sent our vision of our dreams to the super moon, hoping that it would help us achieve our dreams. Meditation was the perfect tool to help the group visualize themselves communicating and interacting with the consciousness of the super moon, and in this way, they reached an awareness that their dreams would be fulfilled and their efforts would be well rewarded.

Meditation allows us to free our minds from thoughts that limit out of the box thinking. It enables us to expand our imagination and reach the heart of our true selves. It touches the very core of our feelings and gives us a sense of happiness, joy, and fulfilment. Meditation can work wonders in just 10 minutes.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to help focus the mind. I have been practicing meditation for nine years and I am still amazed at the powerful effect it can have on people, even when it is conducted over the internet. I conduct webinars every week, sometimes twice a week, and I find it very effective in helping people feel happy and delivering valuable information to them. I highly recommend utilizing webinars for healing.


So, what do you think? What would you do if you were to hold a webinar?