Spiritual Intelligence Assessment

Spiritual Intelligence Assessment

Spiritual Intelligence Assessment

Expertly-created, carefully validated – this self-assessment allows you to examine where you are today on developing and sustaining the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence. The SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence assessment developed by Cindy Wigglesworth of Deep Change, Inc. is the best overall assessment for spiritual intelligence.  It offers exceptional tools for coaches and clients to make explicit the growth path for developing the 21 skills associated with spiritual intelligence.

  • It is a faith-friendly, faith-neutral instrument. It does not matter what your belief system is.
  • It will help you to assess your development of the 21 skills of spiritual intelligence.
  • The assessment is taken online.
  • The reports run about 20 pages in length (see sample; report prints in English) – with lots of information customized for you based on how you answered the questions. It offers explanations of your achieved level and “next steps” for continued growth.
  • Most people find that they need 20 to 30 minutes to complete the assessment. You can close it out and return to it if you need to.

The SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence assessment is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese(Brazil). Please note that the report is available in English only.

Coaching Debrief

Take our cutting-edge Spiritual Intelligence self-assessment, the SQ21 and get a crucial one hour of debriefing! While the approximately 20-page report is fairly detailed – nothing is as rich as talking it through with renowned spiritual leader, Hiroyuki Miyazaki.

Coaching Debrief covers:

  • how the questions and scoring system works
  • helps you understand why you scored the way you did
  • permits re-scoring if you misunderstood a question, and
  • gives you priceless advice on how to develop the skills you consider to be the most important.
  • Upon request, coaching session can also include belief work to help you release limiting beliefs related to the issues identified through the assessment result.

The Coaching Debrief will be conducted in Skype. Please provide your Skype ID when you book a Coaching Debrief session.

SQ21 Assessment

  • SQ21 Online Assessment
  • Assessment Report (Sample)
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Assessment & Coaching

  • SQ21 Online Assessment
  • Assessment Report (Sample)
  • 60-Min Coaching Debrief with Hiro
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Assessment Steps

  1. Immediately after you purchase the assessment you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  2. Within 1 business day you will receive an e-mail with password and instructions for taking the assessment.
  3. You take the assessment online (there are several languages available).
  4. After you complete the survey and hit the “submit” button you will receive your report via email in 1 to 2 business days.
  5. If you purchase “SQ21 plus one-hour Coaching Debrief with Hiro,” then the initial confirmation e-mail includes a certificate code for scheduling a coaching session.
  6. Enjoy the debrief session!


More Information

SQ21 Book – Amazon Bestseller!

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“I highly recommend this book. …this is the next frontier in leadership.”
– John Mackey, co-Founder and co-CEO, Whole Foods Market.


As a business executive and spiritual entrepreneur, I have always wanted to measure my level of spiritual awareness in an accurate way so I can gain insight on areas in need of improvement, to make wiser decisions for myself, team and company.

Hiro’s coaching has done exactly that. He uses a powerful tool called the SQ21 Spiritual Assessment Test. By taking this test and through our coaching, Hiro has helped me gain a greater understanding. He has helped me become aware of how these areas of improvement also relate to the results and goals I would like to achieve not only in career, but also life in general.

Hiro assessed my strengths and weaker points with much clarity, precision, prescence and depth. I now feel I can move forward with more confidence and clarity. By having these areas developed, I am able to guide and empower others to make wiser decisions for themselves as a result.

I highly recommend working with Hiro. I believe this work is foundational especially if you are a management executive – doing this work is a must. Thank you Hiro.

– Tanya G
Director of Communications & Creative. Internet technology, San Francisco, CA.
Theta Healing Instructor