Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Turn your challenges into opportunities.

Everything that happens in your life matters. Every life challenge happens for a reason and it is meant to teach you something and give you an opportunity to reach the next level of growth and prosperity.

This is not always easy to accept. Different emotions arise when you are in the middle of a challenging situation, such as trauma, drama, and/or fear. This is when you need spiritual support from someone you can trust. An expert who can decipher the meaning of your situation, heal your pain, and help you complete the lessons from each situaton, and will provide you with the tools to accept them and move on.

Growth comes from healing.

The whole purpose of living is to grow spiritually as a person. Some people achieve success in life but find they are not truly happy and fulfilled due to the weight of past pain created through previous life experiences. To grow spiritually, you need to let go of the pain in your heart and awaken to your true life’s purpose.

This is healing.

Primary focus

  • Identify the root issues in the challenges that are happening in your life.
  • Cancel disempowering beliefs/behaviors/actions and create empowering ones.
  • Gain lessons from challenges, heal your heart and move on to the next chapter of your life.

Typical objectives

  • Create abundance in life
  • Resolve relationship issue
  • Resolve performance issue
  • Heal feelings of fear, concern or worry
  • Resolve health and/or beauty issues
  • Improve or optimize competency levels

Comparison: Coaching and Healing service

The healing service is focused on solving a problem. It aims to resolve specific pain or problems while allowing the client to grow by making positive changes in life situations such as in health, relationship, career and finance. Typically, people use healing when they have pain or a problem to resolve. The number of sessions you need to solve a problem varies depending on the issue and the client. Sometimes just one session is required, but often it may take multiple sessions to fulfil a complete healing.

The coaching service is focused on achieving goals. It aims to increase the quality of a client’s life by helping the client set particular goals and achieve them. Typically, people use coaching when they want to improve better outcomes from their actions. As such, coaching is conducted over a period of time to provide support to the client as they work towards achieving the goals.

All of our coaches are trained coaches and healers. Their coaching sessions cover both aspects of healing and coaching; when a client has pain or problem, we help the client resolve it through healing techniques. This healing session focuses on healing purposes only.

Session Format

  • Language: English or Japanese
  • Method: Skype
  • Payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners, JCB, PayPal


  1. Click the service you would like to open; then a new tab for booking opens.
  2. Select your timezone.
  3. Select your preferred date and time.
  4. Enter your information and some questions about the session.
  5. Make your payment by credit card or PaPal to complete the booking.
  6. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you shortly after you have completed the online booking.

Note: The following prices will be changed to be $125 for 30-minute session and $250 for 60-minute session starting April 1st, 2019.

Spiritual Healing

30 minutes
$100/30 min

Spiritual Healing

60 minutes
$200/60 min


As a business executive and spiritual entrepreneur, I have always wanted to measure my level of spiritual awareness in an accurate way so I can gain insight on areas in need of improvement, to make wiser decisions for myself, team and company.

Hiro’s coaching has done exactly that. He uses a powerful tool called the SQ21 Spiritual Assessment Test. By taking this test and through our coaching, Hiro has helped me gain a greater understanding. He has helped me become aware of how these areas of improvement also relate to the results and goals I would like to achieve not only in career, but also life in general.

Hiro assessed my strengths and weaker points with much clarity, precision, prescence and depth. I now feel I can move forward with more confidence and clarity. By having these areas developed, I am able to guide and empower others to make wiser decisions for themselves as a result.

I highly recommend working with Hiro. I believe this work is foundational especially if you are a management executive – doing this work is a must. Thank you Hiro.

– Tanya G
Director of Communications & Creative. Internet technology, San Francisco, CA.
Theta Healing Instructor