Meet Hiroyuki Miyazaki

Meet your spiritual guide and healer:
Hiroyuki Miyazaki

Hiroyuki Miyazaki (Hiro) is an author, coach, healer, and an instructor in the field of meditation and “mindful” leadership trainings. His life mission is to help healing professionals around the world to find their divine life purpose and work as a team to heal the planet.

His careers include business strategist, management consultant, project manager, and systems engineering, mainly in financial institutions. He directed marketing of a healing modality in Japan and was instrumental in making it the most popular healing modalities in the country, guiding 1000+ instructors in their teaching activities. In recent years he expanded his activities to the US, Europe, South America and Asia, sharing his passion, knowledge, and experience across the globe. He is a certified instructor of Search Inside Yourself and a certified coach of SQ21 (Spiritual Intelligence). Hiro lives in South California and enjoys paddle surfing and is looking to “surf” wherever he goes. Hiro is the founder of Phoenix Corporation(Tokyo, Japan) and Ascent Leadership Institute(USA).

A message from Hiroyuki Miyazaki

“One of my life missions is to help people to heal others by reminding them of their life mission and to utilize marketing techniques to reach their promised people.”

“I believe that everyone is on their own journey to grow as a person throughout the lifetime, in their own ways. And I believe that when enough people grow to a certain level, our society will evolve, which will inevitably lead to a better relationship with nature. This is what I call awakening of the planet.

I would like to contribute in creating/enhancing such momentum through this website and share my passion via blogs, webinars, seminars and private sessions. I look forward to connecting with you.”