Basically, it comes down to a showdown between you and falseness. And you get to a point where no one can help you and nothing can ease your pain. The fake stuff doesn’t work anymore. The falseness fails to comfort. This becomes the point where it’s just you and God. And He becomes the only thing you can rely on.
The Dark Night of The Soul (DNS) is about giving up and grieving. It’s about facing the places where you are stuck and working with God to clear them. There is no one you can call. There is nothing you can do. During my own DNS I just laid wrapped myself in a dark blanket for days on end, played dead and just gave up. I ate very little and I cried a whole lot. I just yielded to the power of the Universe to work its magic in me. And that’s the thing about the DNS…you gotta have faith that it’s going to work out and at its heart it is an exercise of faith.
And yes, you will be tempted to drop this whole spirituality thing when the DNS is at its worst. But that is precisely the time to see it through. You could try to go back to your old life and old ways but those would seem empty. The remedies temporary. The relationships shallow and uninteresting. See this part through. You’re being cleared of negative things by thinking of negative things. Stuff that you buried for years is being brought to the surface so stick with it and use it as an opportunity to find out what your soul really wants. The shaman says sit down, be quiet and listen to what your soul and the Universe is trying to tell you. It does not want you to be in pain. DNS is all about healing you. And true healing takes time, patience and sacrifice.
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