Doing NOTHING in this context means to simply BE. Be the LOVE and awareness that you naturally are. The Dark Night seems miserable because we are resisting so much. The ego’s fearful grip is so strong at this point because it wants to stay “alive.” We have forgotten that we are LOVE and if we are LOVE, we embrace everything because we realize the inevitability of doing so and because we know that nothing can harm us. Nothing can touch you. Nothing can shake you. The light that you are shines on anything so that it would turn it to its natural state of light also. We are all ONE.

Since all we have is NOW, you won’t get out of the Dark Night tomorrow, you will only get out of it NOW! The key to getting out of it is…LOVING- the only reason we are on Earth. The great thing is, just like our egos, the Dark Night is an illusion. We have always been HOME and we have been the LIGHT the whole time that we were looking for it in the Dark Night. Of course, we have been the LIGHT, how else would we have been aware of the dark? If we were dark too, we wouldn’t be able to observe the dark.

Take this beautiful time to finally face and embrace the dark once and for all. Let the light of LOVE shine on it and dissolve it. You are awakened NOW. You are LOVE NOW.  There is no other way it could be.  Anything else is merely a dream! The more you resist the Dark Night or the “stuck” place you are in, the more you keep repeating the lessons you need to learn. Accept and embrace where you are NOW. Embrace this pain and suffering.

Know that you are helpless in this process and surrender to LOVE. Use your pain as the catalyst for a great transformation and rebirth. Any transformation in life has had to go through some pain right before. Birth is most painful right before coming out of the birth canal. Caterpillars, snakes, and crabs are a few animals that go through a transformation where the old self “dies” to the new self.  Be like the phoenix and rise above the ashes of your old false self by Being the LOVE that you are! Life is all about cycles.  NOTHING lasts forever. View this process as a rite of passage for a remarkable rebirth.  You will finally be free from the baggage you have clung onto for so long through resistance.

Just like Spring always comes after Winter, you will see the light!  Just like dawn always comes after the darkest hour, you will see the light!  Just like the sun is always there behind the clouds, your light is always illuminating your way through the Dark Night.  Trust in this process and know that it is just that-a process.  This too shall pass.

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