You have become exceedingly introspective. The weight of time is like a giant sitting on your shoulders. But you are beginning to learn how to reverse that dynamic, becoming someone who has the ability to stand on the shoulders of the giants instead.

You appreciate more the passing of time: the reminiscence of times past, the contemplative present, and the forbearance of things future. It’s all a giant telescopic projection of your third eye focused on the intrinsic value of mortality, and how it brings meaning in ways immortality simply cannot.

You realize that the meaning of life is whatever you want your life to mean. But this is a huge responsibility, tantamount to an existential crisis. Your breath catches in your throat, and is then dragged out of you. You are now suddenly duty-bound to bring meaning to an otherwise meaningless universe. It’s up to you alone, to be the hero of your own story.

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