Hello, World!

This is my first blog article in English! I have been wanting to do this for a long time but kept postponing it. Then something happened that motivated me. Let me share it with you.

Last month, I conducted a webinar. I hold webinars every week in Japan, sometimes twice a week. But this was my first English webinar this year. I wanted to do this webinar in English to share what I know with people in Europe. I was delighted to have 40 people participate even though I promoted the event only a few days before.

The topic of the webinar was “3 Key Strategies to Grow Your Spiritual Practice.“ This topic is a segment of a much longer course that I teach called “Growing A Healing Practice”, which is designed to help my healer community grow their practices and help others. I enjoyed the webinar and participation was – it was a success!

Some weeks after the webinar, I received this message from a participant.

“Thank you for your webinar. I’m a mom of two small children, first had just turned three years and the other is the baby of 8 months, I do not have much free time. But with a snapshot of your webinar I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge, to grow and to develop. I have a basic and an advanced DNA course. Your motivation, your words, and your positive energy brought me back to a wonderful experience theta healing.”

When I read this, I felt a huge sense of fulfillment. I was so glad that I did the webinar, and it gave me the clarity to realize that I am on the right path. Because of this feeling and clarity, I am I am determined to do more webinars, start writing blogs, start sending newsletters in English, and keep going! I hope that these tools will help me to reach the people that I am supposed to reach. This website, EarthAwakens.

Today, will be the center of all these activities, so I hope that you will find something that’s useful to you on this website. And I look forward to connecting with all of you in person sometime in the near future.

Love and gratitude,

Hiroyuki Miyazaki
November 17, 2016