Growing A Healing Practice

Growing A Healing Practice

A 3 day course led by Hiroyuki Miyazaki that will change your life

“Fulfil your divine life purpose by growing your healing practice and helping people heal.”

This three day course led by renowned healer and life coach, Hiroyuki Miyazaki, will work on aligning your body, mind and spirit to unleash your full healing potential and realise your unique life mission.

Through a combination of discussions and meditations combined with collaborative group exercises, you will gain insight into the meaning of life and your divine mission with techniques to apply to your own individual action plan to help people find you and for you to assist them to heal.

This course will assist you in exploring the various different experiences you have lived in order to fulfill your divine life purpose. By discovering your true purpose in life, you will gain energy and momentum to reach many more people you are destined to help while creating joy and abundance in life.

Is this course for you?

  • Have you achieved success but feeling unfulfilled?
  • Have you not yet discovered true happiness in your life?
  • Are you looking for ways to grow spiritually?

The whole purpose of living is to grow spiritually as a person. Some people achieve success in life but find they are not truly happy and fulfilled due to the weight of past pain created through previous life experiences. To grow spiritually, you need to let go of the pain in your heart and get awakened to what you came here for.

This is healing.

Growing a Healing Practice is suitable for anyone who is looking for ways to discover their true life mission and share their healing potential with others – whether by healing, life coaching, teaching, writing or a range of other techniques.

Whether you are new to healing or experienced and looking to extend your practice, this workshop has something for you.

The Program

Growing a Healing Practice is a three day program dedicated to assisting you to discover your divine purpose at this particular stage of your life and to build and grow your healing practice.

Throughout the course, we discuss techniques on how to reach more people and grow your healing business to share your skills further and build upon your action plan.

Day 1 – Introduction and Self Evaluation

  • Introduction
  • Connecting the dots between global issues and our own activities.
  • Remember Divine Life Purpose
  • Life Chart Review
  • Discover Promised People

Day 2 – Your Purpose Statement and Offerings

  • Understand Spiritual Growth
  • Your Purpose Statement
  • Bridging the gap between people’s needs and our offering
  • Redefining service offerings

Day 3 – Your Individual Action Plan and Future Goal Setting

  • Creating first touch-points
  • Creating action plan for marketing
  • Creating joy through fulfilling divine life purpose
  • Goal setting and manifestation

See what others have to say


Testimonials from our happy participants.

“It really helped me remember the truth more clearly.”

“Really inspiring!”

“It’s structured in such a different way!”

“Brilliant! Excited!”

“Now I know how I can help the planet.”

“I felt explosion in my heart.”

“This course is a great reminder of why we are doing what we are doing.”

“This is one of the most important steps in life.”

“It was really powerful exercise. Very simple but very powerful.”

“I start to remember more and more about my divine purpose, why I’m here, what I’m doing.”

“Now I have a better recognition of people who come to me, …. and of myself as well.”

“When I saw my promised people from all over the globe, my heart was expanded with so much joy.”

“This course will awake a lot of masters, the people who can really help the world.”

“My soul is really happy now that I understand my mission and the plan.”

“It is amazing feeling to know that you are really walking on the path for what you came to this world.”

“It helped me see another perspective on my life about teachings and learnings from my experiences.”

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