I was born and raised by an ordinary family in Japan. Like most families then and now, we didn’t practice a particular religion. Instead, we believed in multiple faiths and different religions from  Buddhism to Shinto and Christianity. For example, we would mark Christmas with a family gathering on Dec 24/25; we would celebrate the end of the year in the Buddhist way, and we would bring in the New Year the Shinto way by going to a shrine and tossing a coin for good luck, not as a prayer but as a ritual that has no spiritual or religious meaning.

However, I personally believe in God. As a regular practitioner of meditation and spiritual healing, I can feel the presence of God and therefore I believe that God exists. But I always wanted to have logical proof to support my belief, so that I could have absolute confidence when explaining meditation/healing to others.

How do you logically explain the existence of God? There have been numerous discussions in history and there are four major ways to prove God’s existence. But I didn’t find any of them to be satisfactory. I wanted logical proof and though I looked, I didn’t find one. Then I kind of gave up on it and decided to trust my intuition. I continued with my meditation, spiritual healing and my teaching activities. Then I finally found one that I was satisfied with. One that is easy to understand, logical, and undeniable.

It’s in this website by Perry Marshall.

Here’s my summary:

  1. Messages, languages, and coded information ONLY come from a ‘mind’.
  2. All living things are designed by DNA, and DNA is formally and scientifically a code.
  3. This proves that all living things came from ‘a mind’ – ‘a super-intelligence’, namely God.

This revelation is similar to past arguments such as ‘The First Cause Argument’ which states “there must be a cause for everything that comes” and “There must be a first uncaused cause”. However, in my view, Perry Marshal’s argument is stronger.  It focuses on the necessity of a super-mind that designs DNA which is the basis of all living things. Perry first makes the distinction between Patterns vs. Design, explaining that design must come from a mind. This notion is easily accepted. Then he goes on to prove that DNA is a design, or a code if you will, that is created by ‘a mind’. This is undeniable. Based on these two arguments, it is inevitable that we reach the conclusion that a mind exists before all living things. And, a super-mind that has incredible intelligence is the designer of the universe and of all living things.


This super-intelligent mind does not need to have a physical body. It might be different from the God you know. Many religions and cultures have a different definition of God and call God by different names such as Super-intelligence, Creator, etc. You can call God by whatever name you want, but the existence of a very intelligent mind before all living thing is undeniable.

Why is this important? Because this influences our worldview and causes us to raise many more questions such as what is the purpose of this super-intelligence? Where is it now? How can we talk to it? Does it respond to our requests? Most importantly, this helps us to enhance our faith. I have a stronger faith today than ever before. Faith helps me to go deeper into meditation. Faith removes some of our biggest fears such as the fear of uncertainty.

And then many of us will ask this question – does ‘God’ have a purpose in MY life?

I will share what I found out for these questions in another blog article.

Love and gratitude,