While for some, then, this night serves to break down what has been termed “wrong crystallization”, wherein the ego has become spiritualized yet remains intact, its greater purpose, it is suggested, goes beyond classic purgation to prepare an aspirant to advance beyond mystical experience itself to that of sahaj, or a lasting enlightenment, in which one not only feels himself as Soul, or perhaps, in more modern terms, Consciousness-Being, but knows its true nature under all conditions, both within and without, and sees the world and others as non-different from ones own self.

Even if one understands this, however, and has had many such glimpses, to become stable in this condition involves an ordeal, as the vasanas or tendencies of egoity are not so easily dismissed. Truly awakening as conscious-being through the portal of the broken-heart makes one more in touch with his humanity – his divine humanity – and all his parts come back to be embraced and known as ‘non-other.’ Thus, a confrontation with ‘shadow’ material may continue long after one’s initial true awakening.

Full article by Peter Holleran: http://www.kosmosjournal.org/news/the-deeper-meaning-of-the-dark-night-of-the-soul/